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Genuine Jersey Blog - July 2015

How do you like your eggs in the morning...

How do you like your eggs in the morning...

... I like mine with a kiss! A classic tune, which admittedly sounds like a nice start to the day.


So put the radio on and kick start your morning with a source of high quality protein. Unlike most cereals and yoghurts, eggs only contain one ingredient - eggs!! There’s no added sugar or carbs instead they’re packed with protein which helps sustain mental and physical energy throughout the day. They’ll keep you fuller for longer, so the person sitting next to you isn’t hearing your stomach growling an hour or so after breakfast! They are small but mighty, a nutritional powerhouse, great value and extremely versatile.


Found to be a household staple ingredient, or something I always seem to have in the cupboards, mainly due to the fact I'm always baking cookies or brownies for Zoë's Kitchen orders! 


Cropped Egg Basket (3)


Try to avoid throwing out good eggs by checking for their freshness first. Pop them in a bowl of water, if they float they're a goner but if they're sat near the bottom of the bowl they're ok.

The floating and sinking is to do with the air pocket within the egg. When the egg is truly fresh, the air sac is almost non-existent. As the egg ages and air permeates the shell, the gas gathers at the wide end of the egg. The older the egg, the larger the air sac and the more it floats.

It's also for this reason that people often prick their eggs with a needle at the non pointed end before boiling, this will let the air out of the sac to prevent them from cracking in the pan. 


                                                                                    Fungi Delecti _Free Rang Chickens (2)


On offer in almost every food store on the island but choose wisely. There are eggs from producers off island but surely it's only logical to choose the ones from our local farmers? They've travelled far less food miles, so are naturally fresher. 


Keep an eye out for these Genuine Jersey producers, there are a few to choose from. Take a peek below at their business and other offerings they may have. Pop down to their farms or road side food stalls or find their produce in local shops and supermarkets.


Farm Fresh Organics - St Lawrence or order online at www.vegiebag.co.je 

Field Farm - St Lawrence

Fungi Delecti - Trinity

Greengro Plants - St Peter

Hamptonne Farm Hens - St Lawrence

Happy Hens - Grouville

Potage Farm - St Lawrence

Vers Les Monts Organice Farm - St Peter




You can boil, fry, scramble or poach your egg, the choice is yours! Take a look here for some helpful tips when cooking.